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The skippers

The skippers

Corentin Horeau

DATE OF BIRTH: 13 June 1989
BOAT: Mutuelle Bleue


Since his childhood, Corentin Horeau, from La Trinité and graduated from the Merchant Navy, has always been passionate about the sea, and the Bay of Quiberon is his favorite playground. He has sailed on all sorts of boats, both crewed and single-handed. Known for his steely mind and his resilient spirit, Corentin is highly respected by all of his competitors.

  • 2024Laura Vergne Trophy: 1st (double handed with Elodie Bonafous)
  • 2023French Elite Offshore Racing Championship 2023: 1st

    La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec 2023: 1st

    Solo Guy Cotten: 2nd

    Tour de Bretagne à la Voile : 2nd (double handed with Basile Bourgnon)

    Transat Paprec: 3rd (double handed with Pauline Courtois)

    Trophée Laura Vergne: 2nd (double handed with Julia Courtois)

    Solo Maître CoQ: 1st
  • 2022French Elite Offshore Racing Championship 2022: 6th

    Solo Maître CoQ: 4th

    Le Havre Allmer Cup: 4th

    Sardinha Cup: 11th (with Julien Villion)

    Solo Guy Cotten: 5th

    La Solitaire du Figaro: 13th
  • 2021Transat en Double: 7th

    Sardinha Cup: 2nd (avec Elodie Bonafous)

    Solo Guy Cotten: 6th

    La Solitaire du Figaro: 8th

    Championnat de France Elite de Course au Large 2021: 17th
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