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The French Offshore Racing Elite Championship

Until 2016, the French Offshore Racing Elite Championship in Solo comprised 3 official events, raced solo, with many other races also offered on the Figarists' calendar. In order to allow more sailors to participate in the Championship, the Figaro Beneteau Class thus wished to integrate pre-season races, as well as double-handed events, such as the Transat Paprec between Concarneau and Saint-Barthélemy (formerly AG2R) and the Tour de Bretagne à la Voile.

As a result, its designation evolved into the French Offshore Racing Elite Championship.


How does the Championship ranking work?

The French Offshore Racing Elite Championship operates on a points system. Each event listed on the Championship calendar is assigned a coefficient determined by its difficulty and duration.

Every skipper earns points each time they participate in a Championship race. The better their result, the fewer points they score: the first-place skipper earns 1 point, the second-place skipper earns 2 points, and so on. Therefore, the French Champion is the skipper who has accumulated the fewest points during the season.

If a skipper does not participate in a Championship event, they receive a number of points equal to the number of entrants in the race plus 10 points, multiplied by the coefficient of the race.

General ranking The top 5 skippers

1Gaston Morvan
Score: 18
2Basile Bourgnon
Score: 34
3Loïs Berrehar
Score: 44
4Tom Dolan
Score: 58
5Jules Ducelier
Score: 60