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Hugo Dhallenne

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Sailing, a family story and a great obviousness.

DATE OF BIRTH: 28 September 1990
BOAT: YC Saint Lunaire


Hugo Dhallenne is one of those sailors who forged their skills independently, through family cruises and various experiences on different sailing boats. Born in Saint Malo, son of a former crew member of Eric Tabarly, he naturally gravitated towards the sea and developed a passion for sailing from a young age. From Formula 18, Diam24, Class40, to Multi50, Hugo has sailed on various boats and whenever possible alongside his marine electronics studies. His technical background led him to work with offshore racers such as Maxime Sorel, Louis Burton, Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, Luke Berry, and other Class40 skippers and IRC owners. It was this triple role as an entrepreneur-technician-sailor that allowed him to take the leap when, in 2017, while on a boat construction mission in Dubai, he had the revelation: "It's time to have fun." And to try his luck, he ventured into the Mini Class adventure.

In early 2019, Hugo acquired a Maxi 6.50, the latest series boat in the class of the smallest offshore racing sailboats. Right from the start, the sailor from Saint Malo made a mark by achieving podium finishes in his first season, confirming his skills in 2020, and then winning three out of four races in 2021. The message was clear; Hugo would undoubtedly be one of the sailors to closely watch in the 23rd edition of the ultimate event on the circuit: the Mini Transat. Despite being considered a favorite, Hugo is unfazed and prefers to stay true to himself, remaining discreet and focused on his sailing, "with a light spirit, without pressure." Already demonstrating traits of the great sailors, he further solidified this image by dominating the second stage, displaying remarkable control, as well as an exceptional level of physical and mental commitment. "I gave, gave, and gave until the end," he confirmed at the finish, his mind already focused on the future. He already knows that "the Mini Transat is just the first step in offshore solo sailing," and Hugo dreams bigger and farther, with the Figaro Beneteau Class and its legendary Solitaire du Figaro as his next challenge.


Photo credits: Lomano Takasi (Portrait)

Vincent Olivaud (Boat)

  • 2024Le Havre - Allmer Cup 2024: 17th

    Solo Maître Coq 2024: 9th

    Solo Guy Cotten 2024: 12th
  • 2023French Elite Offshore Racing Championship 2023: 9th - 1st rookie

    La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec 2023 : 22nd

    Solo Guy Cotten: 6th

    Tour de Bretagne à la Voile: 4th (double handed with Benoit Champanhac)

    Transat Paprec: 6th (double handed with Chloé Le Bars)

    Trophée Laura Vergne: 12nd (double handed with Chloé Le Bars)

    Solo Maître CoQ: 21st
  • 2021Plastimo Lorient - Mini 6.50: 1st

    Pornichet Select - Mini 6.50: 1st

    Mini en Mai - Mini 6.50: 1st

    Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron - Mini 6.50: 2nd

    Mini Transat - Mini 6.50: 1st
  • 2020Mini en Mai - Mini 6.50: 6th

    Duo Concarneau - Mini 6.50: 2nd

    Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron - Mini 6.50: 7th
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