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The skippers

The skippers

Gaston Morvan

DATE OF BIRTH: 14 January 1997
HOMEPORT: Port-La-Forêt
BOAT: Bretagne - CMB Performance


It's in the French Abers, where Gaston grew up, that he first set foot on an Optimist. After a sports-studies program in Brest on Laser dinghies, he entered the French Training Pole of La Rochelle and joined the French Youth Sailing Team. He won the Laser European Cup in 2016 and finished in 7th position at the Laser World Championship the following year. Willing to take up new challenges, Gaston applied for the Espoir Challenge in 2018. He reached the final game but lost against Tom Laperche.

Two years later, the Breton came back to the selections and won them this time ! At the helm of Espoir, the sailor struck hard in his first year, winning the Bizuth ranking in the Solitaire du Figaro. His results last season were just as promising with a nice 4th place on La Solitaire and a podium at the Elite French Long Course Championship.

Gaston will take over again the Performance sailboat and shows strong ambitions !


  • 2023La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec 2023: 4th

    Solo Guy Cotten: 8th

    Tour de Bretagne à la Voile: 10th (double handed with Eric Peron)

    Transat Paprec: 2nd (double handed with Anne-Claire Le Berre)

    Trophée Laura Vergne: 10th (double handed with Anne-Claire Le Berre)

    Solo Maître CoQ: 9th
  • 2023Solo Maître CoQ: 9th
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  • 2021
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