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The skippers

The skippers

Loïs Berrehar

44 pt
When work and determination rhyme with enjoyment and good humor.

DATE OF BIRTH: 30 October 1993
HOMEPORT: Port-La-Forêt
BOAT: Skipper Macif 2022


After ten years of competing in high-level sport catamaran regattas, dreaming of the Olympics in the Tornado class, Lois Berrehar's hopes were dashed when the support was withdrawn by the International Sailing Federation. Lois then changed course. He had a strong interest in offshore racing, so it was natural for him to move in that direction. His dynamism, rigor, and enthusiasm caught the eye of Thomas Coville, who welcomed him into the Sodebo team. While Lois is certainly learning from the best, accumulating sea miles, he quickly shows a preference for solo sailing. He understands that to reach the elite level, there is no better school than that of the Figaro Beneteau.

Lois is well-acquainted with the Figaro circuit, having started his career with Team Bretagne CMB. He was selected as Skipper Macif 2022, racing alongside Erwan Le Draoulec for a year. "I wanted this position in the Skipper Macif program. It's a great honor to represent Macif, which, for me, has the best Figaro program and is an iconic sponsor in sailing."

For his second season, he will be racing alongside Charlotte Yven, Skipper Macif 2023, who has recently joined the program, and they will compete together in all double races of the season.

Photo credits: © Pierre Bouras / disobey. / Macif

  • 2024Le Havre - Allmer Cup 2024: 9th

    Trophée Banque Populaire Grand Ouest: 9th (double-handed with Charlotte Yven)

    Solo Maître Coq 2024: 3rd

    Laura Vergne Trophy: 2nd (double handed with Charlotte Yven)

    Solo Guy Cotten 2024: 1st
  • 2023French Elite Offshore Racing Championship 2023: 5th

    La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec 2023: 3rd

    Solo Guy Cotten: 14th

    Tour de Bretagne à la Voile: 3rd (double handed with Charlotte Yven)

    Transat Paprec: 1st (double handed with Charlotte Yven)

    Trophée Laura Vergne: (double handed with Charlotte Yven) 13rd ex aequo with Romain Le Gall (double handed with Léo Bothorel)

    Solo Maître CoQ: 15th (ex aequo with Robin Marais)
  • 2022Solo Maître Coq: 6th

    Trophée BPGO – Sur la Route des îles du Ponant 2022: 1st (double handed with Erwan Le Draoulec)

    Le Havre Allmer Cup: 2nd

    Sardinha Cup: 4th (double handed with Erwan Le Draoulec)

    Solo Guy Cotten: 6th

    La Solitaire du Figaro: 11th

    Championnat de France Elite de Course au Large 2022: 5th
  • 2021Sardinha Cup: 7th (double handed with Tom Laperche)

    Transat en Double: 3rd (double handed with Tom Laperche)

    Tour de Bretagne à la voile: 7th (double handed with Tom Laperche)
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