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The skippers

The skippers

Thomas de Dinechin

160 pt

DATE OF BIRTH: 17 July 1993

"I have always been passionate about offshore racing. After a fairly typical journey (family cruises, Glénan sailing school, IRC races, etc.) and earning an engineering degree, I decided to embark on the Mini-Transat in 2021. I was eager to explore the open sea alone.

In 2020, I acquired my first boat: a Pogo 3, and spent 2 years preparing to cross the Atlantic. I immersed myself in training, seasonal races, and the broader life of a sailor, skipper, and entrepreneur.

I successfully completed the 2021 Mini-Transat race from Les Sables d'Olonne to Guadeloupe. I confirmed the joy I find in being alone at sea. I feel good, I feel alive. Upon my return to the mainland, I decided to resume work by establishing a consulting firm. I enjoy my consulting work and find it fulfilling.

However, I have a new project in mind. The Figaro circuit, with its strict class rules, appeals to me. 2024 seems to be the right time. I purchased Figaro #15, a double winner of the Solitaire, and I am giving myself every opportunity to have a successful season on this circuit that I am eager to explore."


Boat Photo: Credit Patrick LE Lay

Skipper Photo: Credit @BRESCHI / SAS in Baie de Morlaix

  • 2024Le Havre - Allmer Cup 2024: 21st

    Trophée Banque Populaire Grand Ouest: 17th (double handed with Brieuc Lebec)

    Solo Maître Coq 2024: 20th

    Laura Vergne Trophy: 6th (double handed with Thomas André)

    Solo Guy Cotten 2024: 22nd
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