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Tom Dolan

58 pt

DATE OF BIRTH: 27 April 1987
HOMEPORT: Concarneau
BOAT: Smurfit Kappa - Kingspan


Tom Dolan has always had one idea in mind: to conquer the oceans!

It's not easy, however, when you grow up in a rural Ireland, and in a country where the most popular sports are Gaelic football, VX rugby, or hurling, to make such an ambition happen. Fear of failure, fear of what others might say and self-doubt could have let everyday life get in the way of this audacious plan , but the man nicknamed "The Flying Irishman" always believed he could  realise his dream. The path to realise his dream  has sometimes been complicated and full of pitfalls, but Tom has never given up, well aware that anything is possible to those who dare, work and never give up.

He first went to the Les Glénans before coming to France, and more precisely to Brittany. Tom made his debut in the Mini 6.50 before joining the Bénéteau Figaro  professional sailing circuit in 2018.
This  challenging circuit where Tom , after only three seasons, established himself among the best, notably taking a place in the Top 5 of the legendary Solitaire du Figaro and, achieving  the best Irish performance of all time on the race, but also the best result of a non-French skipper since Dominique Wavre of Switzerland in 1997!
Today, Tom's ambition is to repeat his performance in 2023 in the Solitaire du Figaro  and  to take part in  Vendée Globe, certain that no dream is too big to achieve!

Crédit photo : JB D'Enquin

  • 2024Le Havre - Allmer Cup 2024: 3rd

    Trophée Banque Populaire Grand Ouest: 7th (double-handed with Paul Morvan)

    Solo Maître Coq 2024: 6th

    Laura Vergne Trophy: 4th (double handed with Paul Morvan)

    Solo Guy Cotten 2024: 13th
  • 2023French Elite Offshore Racing Championship 2023: 10th

    La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec 2023: 16th

    Solo Guy Cotten: 12th

    Tour de Bretagne à la Voile: 8th (double handed with Kevin Bloch)

    Trophée Laura Vergne: 9th (double handed with Achille Nebout)

    Solo Maître CoQ: 6th (ex aequo with Charlotte Yven, Basile Bourgnon)
  • 2022Solo Maître Coq : 19th

    Trophée BPGO – Sur la Route des îles du ponant 2022 : 7th (avec Alan Roberts)

    Le Havre Allmer Cup : 7th

    Sardinha Cup : 8th (avec Alan Roberts)

    Solo Guy Cotten : 14th

    La Solitaire du Figaro : 7th

    Championnat de France Elite de Course au Large 2022 : 7th
  • 2021Transat en Double : 8th (avec Gildas Mahé)

    Tour de Bretagne à la voile : 13th (avec Tanguy Leglatin)

    Solo Guy Cotten : 5th

    La Solitaire du Figaro : 16th

    Championnat de France Elite de Course au Large 2021 : 10th
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