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The skippers

Victor Le Pape

80 pt
"Only victory is beautiful" - Michel Malinovsky

DATE OF BIRTH: 18 September 1998
HOMEPORT: Port-la-Forêt
BOAT: Région Bretagne - CMB Espoir


Victor Le Pape has been immersed in the sailing world since he was very young. He was just two years old when he first set foot on the family cruise boat. It was difficult to escape the sailing bug...

For nearly ten years, Victor excelled in windsurfing at a high level before transitioning to keelboat sailing, where he notably won the French Open 5.70 Championship in 2017. He then moved into offshore racing in the Mini 6.50 class and later in the Figaro BENETEAU 3.

His first participation in the Espoir Challenge was in 2018, which was won by Tom Laperche. Victor returned two years later, and this time, Gaston Morvan emerged as the overall winner... But that didn't discourage the sailor, who tried his luck again in November 2022 and secured his valuable entry ticket into the Région Bretagne – CMB program. In his first participation in the Solitaire du Figaro Paprec, Victor topped the Rookie (Bizuth) ranking. This promising victory fuels his ambition to aim for a spot in the top 10 in the Elite French Offshore Racing Solitaire Championship for the 2024 season.

  • 2024Le Havre - Allmer Cup 2024: 16th

    Trophée Banque Populaire Grand Ouest: 3rd (double-handed with Yann Elies)

    Solo Maître Coq 2024: 10th

    Laura Vergne Trophy: 5th (double handed with Yann Elies)

    Solo Guy Cotten 2024: 11th
  • 2023French Elite Offshore Racing Championship 2023: 16th

    La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec 2023: 9th

    Solo Guy Cotten: 18th

    Tour de Bretagne à la Voile: 14th (double handed with Thierry Chabagny)

    Transmanche: 1st

    Trophée Laura Vergne: 7th (double handed with Ronan Treussart)

    Solo Maître CoQ: 17th (ex aequo with Adrien Hardy)
  • 2022Trophée BPGO – Sur la Route des îles du ponant 2022: 10th (with Arthur Hubert)

    Sardinha Cup: 19th (with Romen Richard)

    Solo Guy Cotten: 25th
  • 2021Tour de Bretagne à la Voile: 22th (with Yael Poupon)

    Solo Guy Cotten: 25th
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